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Miami Beach VIP Bottle service 


We get so many calls for LIV & STORY  bottle service pricing and want to make sure you have all the details about Miami club bottle service costs. Liv nightclub is one of South Beaches most popular nightclubs and VIP table bottle service pricing can vary in cost. Nightclub bottle service cost not only depends on how many people you have in your group but also the ratio of guys and girls in your party. You will get better bottle service pricing if you have more girls or and equal number of guys and girls in your party. All girl groups also get better deals. If you have a group of guys the bottle service pricing will have a premium due to the best clubs always want the girl ratio to be much higher. After all if you are a big group of guys sitting the the VIP bottle service area you will want to see plenty of beautiful girls at the club and at Liv nightclub Miami Beach you will not be disappointed.


Bottle service pricing works like this, when you contact us we will give you a quote for the bottle minimum spend which is the amount you must spend on bottles to get a VIP table at the club. The quote does no include the tax and tip and the total tax and tip in South Beach is 31 percent. So you will have to add the amount to the bottle minimum spend to know the total bottle service cost for your party. Bottle prices at most clubs start at $400 and go up from there depending on what you order off the bottle service menu. You will have to order enough bottles to fulfill the bottle minimum spend. Contact us today for your bottle service quote, 


Miami Beach Bottle Service Options 

We give complimentary bottle service quotes for LIV, MANSION, STORY, DREAM, SET, MYN AND NIKKI BEACH and all Miami nightclubs. We also guarantee entry and you will get right in with no waiting in line. With Miami Beach VIP your group will also have free nightclub admission and juice mixers. We work with all Miami nightclubs all the time and we guarantee the best bottle service pricing. We will work with your groups budget amount and find the perfect clubs within your budget and taste preferences. 

Call or email Miami-Beach-VIP for VIP table bottle service reservations text or call +1305-399-7764

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